Seekers of Adoulin: East Meets West

14 April 2013 (Out of character)

Adoulin has been out for a few weeks now. One thing that I truly enjoy about MMOs is that the world can change drastically. When an expansion named Abyssea came out and level caps were heightened, full parties and Alliances became two to three person cells. Occasionally more were needed, but not much. I had mentioned that we had grown complacent. There was still challenging content in the game. But as players went around the world at large not much offered any threat. At one point new enemies were placed in old locations, but this was admidst a swift increase of levels. They hurt, but they swiftly became annoyances. In Final Fantasy it is established that Level 99 is often the highest level. That is where we were at when Seekers of Adoulin emerged. We’ve had to form up into full Alliances (groups of 18 players) and more in order to accomplish many goals. Traditional tactics have been broken back out, and I couldn’t be happier. In addition, this new land is set up so that we cooperate towards a common end. The players are acting as Pioneers to tame the wild land, and everything we do builds towards that. It will be our responsibility to maintain these efforts. My only worry is that once we are allowed more into the continent abroad we will lose out on some of the bonuses. It has happened before. But for now, Seekers of Adoulin is a welcome addition to my personal experience.

1 April 2013

We have been busy. So much so that there hasn’t been a break to chart much. Adoulin is… harrowing. From the beginning to… what I’ve seen. Some time ago “ambassadors” from the The Sacred City came to the Middle Lands. They brought portable constructs called Waypoints. To date, I’d only seen such a mix of magic, technology, and craftsmanship come out of my adopted home of Whitegate. While inactive, they resemble an ornate golden bowl held aloft by a blue gemstone. Once made active, several circular arrays unspool out of the apparatus, and what looks like information on locations is displayed with an ethereal interface. The text seems to be displayed from a number of “Runes”. Many had made wide use of these before Adoulin was available to us. A new one was placed in Lower Jeuno. I found it comforting that the first place I saw in Jeuno would be the one to facilitate my journey into this unknown territory. The calibration was quite off, and I did not immediately land in Adoulin. Instead, I found myself assisting a small child and a Swordmaiden bearing an unknown power. For something to be new to me was startling. She produced a small flame, and was able to hand it to me. This was unusual, but together we were able to hold the enemies at bay and she took the child to safety. After that, I made my way to Adoulin. The city reminded me much of Whitegate. In fact, I imagine that this would be the full granduer of Whitegate were it not regularly besieged by Beastman assault. The Western section housed many of the merchants and trade locales. The Eastern held many of the adminstrators and nobility, with the castle laying beyond reach of newcomers. In what I feel mimiced Whitegate, the layout was nearly identitcal, however I know not which civilization is older. I checked in with Moghat, and my friends were already swathing a path through the wilderness. They directed me to the Pioneers’ Coalition, one of six entities interested in helping we adventurers and their city as a whole prosper. I registered with them and since then I’ve been delving regularly into the nearby locales. In fact, our collective support has seen the growth of this and another Coalition, the Scouts’, already. The latter has seen fit to make available to us additional Runes for use with the waypoints allowing us passage back to key locations in the Middle Lands. We adventurers have learned much in our short time, and we are sharing this information rather freely. Saint reported that at one point several hundred adventurers were all in the same places stemming back nests of encroaching wildlife. I was disposed at this point in time, attempting to answer just what power the Swordmaiden used. Exploring the city I found disciplines of study given to those known as Geomancers and Rune Fencers. Geomancers make use of the world itself in their magics, drawing out latent powers of the world. They use a device known as a luopan in their workings. It is unusual. These boards, once set, create an auric field that produces a magical effect. That skill is beyond me, as this is an advanced practice. For now such an effect can only radiate from me, which is still impressive. I’ve purchased a few luopans, leaving myself in the poorhouse in the process, and am studying them. I have not come far at all just yet. Even at beginning levels I’ve found the poison aura most potent, and another bestowing more celerity to my cohorts beneficial. I have only scratched the surface of Rune Fencer, and have yet to draw out its power. Octavian, who saw fit to attempt to lead me down the path, was not impressed with my fifty two attempts to make manifest the power of my first Rune. An ink was applied to my body, and was warned of the dangers it presented. Having absorbed the power of so many into the depths of my being, I am not concerned with what these runes may do to me. I have handled worse, and am still not done. But now I rest back inside Adoulin, availing myself of local hospitality. Betthy and I are to set off today to do what good we can for all the Coalitions. It is my hope that if we make ourselves useful we will be able to see more of this continent, and perhaps even the castle. Or the library.

28 March 2013

The city of Adoulin has opened itself up to people from Quon and beyond. Many of MoghatII have already made there way over to the newly opened continent. I have made but the briefest of contacts. A creature, unnatural, has tugged at my senses, and I’ve spent much time around my adopted home hunting it down. Whitegate has maintain a slight bustle, but I remained in the wilds. Snapping me from an easy pattern of rest, meditation, and checking this isolated place, a call came in from a friend called Betthy. A White Mage, also of MHII, we became fast friends and her friendship has been beyond measure. She informed me that she was nearly ready to go, just tying up a few loose ends. I let her know I would join her when she was prepared in full. Khimarias, my prey, were hybrid beasts, comprised of a very odd smattering of many different beasts. While created artificially, some were known to not take to training from their masters. It is hard to say if they were released or escaped, but something in them led them to this offset area of Caedarva Mine. Considering the demonic denizens of Hediva Isle, they were quite safe to mature. I leaned against the wall, the bog on which I sat warmed by my presence. Putting the paling back up, I returned to waiting for my prey.

25 March 2013 (due to the accelarated timescale of Vana’diel, date is for Earth for ease of everyone involved)

It has been a long while since I’ve felt the need to put ink to parchment. However, it is a momentous day. The home nation of the Mithra, a nation believed to be as far away to the West as Al Zahbi is the the East, has decided to open its borders. A great deal of information has come about, however, it is the curse of knowledge to learn only to discover how little is known. The first words came to us from sources unconfirmed (I simply assumed it was from the Tenshodo. Their hands seem to be everywhere). I began my preparations, but how does one prepare for the unknown? I’ve shored up my disciplines, crafted a new weapon, happened across another (a story for another time), and done everything in my power to prepare myself for what is to come. Makar is absolutely abuzz. My Moogle friend has been darting around, ensuring all is in order for my departure. I’ve been busy working on a few extra skills, but I’ve been selling what I can to make room for… more unknown. There isn’t much time left, and still much to do.


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