Marks of the Beast

          Vana’diel is a world once touched by the goddess Altana. Much war and strife has ravaged the world. In these modern times those considered the Children of Altana are at war with hordes of Beastmen, creatures that have fashioned culture but resemble both man and beast. In the Grand Duchy of Jeuno a solid front is laid against them. This has not always been so. It is said that the Children of Altana are not wholly untouched by what may be an unusual appearance. However, their blights are hidden, said to be bound deep within.

          In Windhurst, the diminutive yet magically potent Tarutaru bring many olden tribes together as one. It is uncertain if this is to abate Cowardice, or merely to be united. Entwined in their Federation, centered from both Kazham and a nation much further to the south called Gha Naboh, the cat like women of the Mithra are known for their litheness and agility. The culture is famed for lending themselves to a number of roguish professions, giving credit to the Envy said to be forged on their souls.

          In Bastok the Humes find one of many homes. Their numbers are great and ever growing. Their spread of influence and commerce is widely considered a unifying thread among the continent. Others would say their constant expansion of the Republic is just a form of subjugation, an expression of Apathy. Bastok would not be as mighty as it was without the power of the Galka. Refugees of the deserts of Zewill, their race is considered in decline. The mines of the area would have been slowly hewn if left solely to Hume hands. The cycle of Rage is reflected by the expansiveness of this effort.

          In San d’Oria the Elvaan live an austere life. Pious and simple, they are dedicated to their way of life, caring little for what lay beyond the borders of the Kingdom. Keeping their lands to themselves with a time-honor tenacity, none can long disregard the potential for their Arrogance.

          It is from this noble culture that one Elvaan has grown up in isolation. He is assailed by an unusual sense of which he has never heard spoken of from his kind. This Elvaan is known as Seraph. These are his tales, claw marks upon the annals of history, of which detail his journeys as he forged himself from what he is to what he has always truly been.

A Certain BET

All stories must begin, but there is a life to every hero before they are marked in history. This is no different. Read of the humble start of Seraph.

The Road to Aht Urghan

Years of easy living give way to a brand new life that would be considered unfathomable to a young Elvaan. Paths lead to places unknown, and Seraph takes the first step into the rest of his life.

An Empty Vessel

The Aradijah continent might as well have been another world. Home to the Empire of Aht Urghan, its capital Al Zahbi, and the palatial sector known as Whitegate. It is here that Seraph learns a truth, and makes a life changing decision.

Out of the Wilderness

Drunk on his new found ability Seraph returns to civilization to find that his world is not how he left it. Not nearly as powerful as he thought, he admits to his limits and considers how to better himself. Still, he remains true to himself, helping those he can.


Returning to Whitegate, Seraph undertakes a harrowing mission. Are the potential gains worth the risk?


Surviving his recent trial has left Seraph in a very unusual position. Is it the start of a new way of living, or is there more to the world that he is just too arrogant to admit to? The future, ever changing, starts here.


A new day calling, Seraph rises to new heights in his own abilities as he come face to face with what he may just fear the most.

The Beast Within

Seraph has learned much of the Immortals. He now seeks to give his own meaning and to truly become a Blue Mage.

Seekers of Adoulin: East Meets West

The continent has opened its borders to the efforts of claiming the wilds. Seraph makes the journey from the Near East to the Western continent of Ubilika, while keeping a journal of his exploits. (Some of these will be my own thoughts on the new content, and will be stated as such at those times)


For a quick who’s who in regards to this string of stories.

          This is where I will add the updates to the Final Fantasy XI fan fiction that I write. Thus far it is a steady, cohesive work. After a time I am sure it will jump around. It is my hope that gaming fans and those who hold a literal fascination alike can enjoy my tale. I may have to increase my own capability as a writer for this to occur, but I will do as I am able to meet this end.

          I post this to my site to show that I have an ability to take a pre-existing and well established mythology and continue to write on it while remaining true to the original content. In the event I have to jump in mid-project or for working on a sequel I hope this will establish a positive precedent for my ability to add content onto an already completed work.

          And to pay forward a lack of copyright infringement upon my behalf I shall state it here:

Final Fantasy is a work owned and distribute by Square-Enix. Vana’diel, Blue Mage, Elvaan, and many specified designations are content originally produced by that company. All rights of distribution belong solely to them. I am but a fan, expressing my enjoyment of one art form with another. This work is not being used to turn a profit on my behalf.


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