Me, Myself, and I

I am asking you who read this to look at the world from my perspective. My biases, the walls I can’t easily see past, have shaped my worldview. I think I should be as open about them as I can so there is an understanding in the event something I say is a misstep or shortsighted. Here are some of the potential biases I have identified.

I am Black, though popular opinion is that I do not fit the definition. I can “hide” because I of this. Still, that does not save me from snap judgments, either open or hidden prejudice, stigma, or biases held by other people. While I do not live bound to it, I am often funneled back to this fact.

I am Male. I know people that do not feel at home in their physical body as I do.I am fortunate that I am comfortable. I have a sense of physical safety, and the allowance to express dominance as a positive. I can move in the world without fear of being overpowered.

I am intelligent. I have used my mind, I hone it, and I continue to try to think things through. I may be prone to a false sense of intellectual superiority and can be highly dismissive of anyone who I deem to be an “idiot”.

I consider myself open minded. I will listen to perspectives that contradict mine, if for no other reason than to learn another Truth. While I respect passion and dedication, I lose respect for those that resist change to themselves as I would consider them a or a “zealot” as I believe they too have closed their minds.

I also think of myself as a good person. I have been taught to do good, have seen its benefit, and try to carry on in like fashion. I can fall into blindly believing that all my actions lead to the best resulting future for everyone. Furthermore, I might assume that any other path is inferior and will do harm.

I am a civilian. I have served in neither the armed services nor law enforcement in any capacity. There has been no point in which I have been trained with a group of people, been in a life or death situation, and had to make a call without all information and in scant few seconds. It might be said I am a peacenik or a hippie, and I admit my own aversion to firearms.

These above admissions are what I look at as potential walls. Elements of myself that have been constructed and I may forget to extend my senses past when it comes to gathering solutions. I do not wish to ‘lionize myself by demonizing my enemies’, as Kain said of the Sarafan (Legacy of Kain: Defiance). When we consider people as radicals, so far gone that talking is lunacy, we limit ourselves. We stop trying to learn, and that stagnation is dangerous. Even if change is impossible, learning should not be. Bitterness and war are the only certainties when our hearts are closed.