World Wide Web

Take this page, and what follows below, for exactly what it is: A firsthand account of my life. History has, for so long, been told from one prevailing perspective. I am a writer. I am a gamer.

I too am Human. American. Male. Black. Every aspect of me is tired of death. The fighting and hatred in the world.

We value Anne Frank’s Diary as a first person view of life, giving us real insight into that period of time and her particular plight. This page, and the adjoining articles, are just that. I am sharing my life, thoughts, feelings, and hang ups with you. I hope that as you read what I share you see how the the very large systems of the world bear down on one person. Perhaps you will see why people I relate to cry out, are angry and vie for change. This is all to inform, and to give flesh to what may otherwise be abstract.

I consider myself “solution oriented”. As such I’ll try not to pose an issue here without sharing at least one solution I have in mind. Additionally, everything here will be from my own perspective. Eventually, I may do research into topics but for now it is all in how I see the world. There is no absolute, only what I have taken in.

If you take way nothing else, keep my belief in mind. Everything is connected. So often we speak of one problem to one solution. But it disregards other problems. If we follow the ripples as a bat might navigate with echoes there is much I think would be cured.

About Me – An introduction to who I am. My history and admissions of potential biases I may not see past while I write.

Discrimination – Presently, a bit of my own experiences as well as some thoughts upon the LGBTQ community.

2016 Presidential Election – It was a harrowing year, and here is my reflection on it.