Garner- The stories’ protagonist.

Alpha- found atop the Mountain of False gods, this person heads with Garner to Anzan.

Zen- found atop the Mountain of False Gods, this person heads with Garner and Alpha to Anzan. The significance of this duo, if any, has yet to be revealed.

Dreyphand- According to Garner “It is an organization that retains the worlds’ history.” It is charged with recording events in the world in a variety of spheres.

Surveyor- A member of the Dreyphand charged with worldwide information gathering. Due to lack of debilitating continental shift (and thus a need for Surveyors), Garner is the first in recent memory, perhaps the last 200 years.

Elders- Mokshans within their last stages of life.

Continental Shift- In regards to the world shifting, not all continents are accessible or even visible. What happens when they “disappear” is unknown.

Anzan (10,000 City)- The primary city of Mokshan culture.

Mountain of False Gods- While not expressedly forbidden, a place of danger. It is culturally taboo, but not someplace one will be shunned for climbing. The most dangerous creatures about make this place their home.

Sight (Senses)- Mokshans have the ability to shift their eyesight from the human norm to see in different spectrums. A sense with a capital letter (Hearing) denotes some type of unusually enhanced input, usually outside of what is the accepted human spectrum.

Combatants- A catch all term to mean people who go out and fight for a living. Usually Combatants are otherwise unaffilitiated with any organization.

Trappers- This organization is responsible for resource acquisition, primarily from distilling living beings. Quartermasters are regional overseers in the Trapper organization. Hunters are “foot soliders” and under the charge of quartermasters.

Night/Day Cycle- Instead of being a diurnal culture, it is a nocturnal one. Mokshans are awake at night instead of during the day.

Cycle- In Mokshan speech, this is a “day”, one darkening, brightening, and dimming of the daystar.

Societal Norm (Naming)- Many Mokshans go by a chosen name. Garner and Aegis are examples.

Twin Gods’ War- A major event in Mokshan history, and a turning point in the culture of the world.

Miniaturization Technology- Think Capsule Corp(s) technology from the Dragon Ball universe. Small items turn into larger objects.

Xartrea- The land of Alpha’s allegience.

Void- A type of energy that, while found solely within, is completely foriegn to Moksha’s soil. In the current age it is not well known and never used.

Creation- A type of energy which saturates the world of Moksha, lending to health and longevity, and is the antithesis of Void.

Da’an- A social currency. A task completed will earn a bit of da’an. Sometimes it is “spent”, while some just like to help those who have helped others.


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