“The Legend of Moksha”

No… that is not the name of my game. Do you have any clue how many “Legend of” titles are out there? In any event, I have yet to remove lock down, so you will need my expressed permission and trust to get more details. However, I aim to share some information publicly as it is the swiftest path to moving forward. In some sections (which are currently under development) there will be allusions and heavy references to other works. This is to give you a functional idea of what I’ve developed, and to spurn me on to start a discussion about the differences/subtleties between idea development, homage, and plagiarism.

“The Legend of Moksha” is a showcase of my unique work, a world compiled from the vastness of my life. It is a unique intellectual property that I have drawn out of my own mind. My hope is to make it into a video game.

Story: I do not intend to openly share any more of my story publicly. Consider “Of Creations’ Swell” a demo. Read it, try it out, and get a sense for the wider world I have in store.

Glossary: This is a short explanation on terms.

Models: Currently, this section is directed towards physical models (those who will be represented in-game with a digital construct/likeness). I am currently making considerations and edits for those whose voices may be used, and those whose talents I draw upon more directly than not.


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