Open Letters

My platform for social commentary.

February: Anecdotes of Blackness

May: Diversity and the Media | March:Ben Carson Reaction | January: Civil Disobedience

Decemeber: Dakota Access Pipeline | November: Presidential ElectionFear and Courage | September: Concerning Terrence Crutcher ~ The Thought That Flies Overhead | July: Discrimination (LGBTQIA+)

December: Ferguson and New York

This hub consists of my writings on that which happens in the real world. I want to use this area to accomplish these goals:

  1. I want to enter discourse with people that disagree with me. It is easy to preach to the choir. However, I wish to learn and understand. In doing so I aim to build a better world in my lifetime, and leave a better world to those that follow after us. Greater than that, I want the benefits to be mutual.
  2. Share the thoughts of myself as an individual. One failing that even I am prone to is thinking that problems are happening with “those people over there somewhere”. I am only one person. But in the issues I speak on, I hope to reveal to everyone how circumstances in the world affect me. And, for those nearest to me, show how some problems are closer than they think.
  3. Educate myself, and share what I learn. In researching topics and being aware enough to discuss them I have come to new realizations and challenging ideas. I have had to go head to head with new information and see what of me survived. It is my pleasure to share my revelations and hope it can bring new awareness to others.
  4. Discuss actionable solutions. I commonly see complaints and quips, but rarely real thought given to what would be better. If the current world is unacceptable, what is the ideal solution? I will never guarantee that a solution is pretty. Compromise usually leads to both sides needing to truly sacrifice. But, over time, as playing fields are leveled, such sacrifices should lessen all around. I aim to raise no problem without at least one avenue to betterment.
  5. Point out the good in the world, too. A quip I hold of most news media is that there is good in the world, but it is never reported. At present, I too am guilty of this. As I aim to write with increased frequency, I will try to include stories and other helpful media.
  6. Show how everything is connected. As much as we in America may wish it to be so, there are rarely to never magic pills and silver bullets to ease our ills. The original heading for this site was “World Wide Web.” If each circumstance is a thread, plucking them one at a time will not free you. Especially if the spider is diligently rebuilding. It is a daunting front, but it is better to know what you are facing than to swing at shadows.

I am a writer. I am a gamer. There are many other hats, masks, and mantles I wear simply because I choose to. When I look at myself through the lens of American Society, more is heaped on me that I do not choose. As much as I abhor that, it is a fact. And as long as I live in any society I will have to deal with this truth.

After the fact, we have come to value firsthand records. Personal journals, letters to loved ones, and other candid accounts of events of the day. It is lofty to think that my writing will be of historical value one day. While I hope to challenge and be challenged, I hope that at the very least those closest to me will see the world a bit more as I do. Those elements that are are so important I keep them secret, and those that weigh on me years later.



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