The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – Perfect Character Guide

Years ago I spent a large span of time playing Oblivion. Upon hearing that some close friends of mine were thinking of buying the game, I wound up writing a quick guide for their use. Small things like what to look out for in a first play through that I wish I had known. When I had mentioned that I had made a Perfect Character they wanted to know how, so I detailed it for them and sent it along.

At the point in time I had picked up Oblivion it had been out for years. All the secrets had been discovered and every variation of character had been played. In addition, in the PC community, the ability to use mods and console commands made what I slogged through rather moot. Due in part to these, I never made it pretty and posted it to, say, GameFAQs. Although I did not see a guide that specifically did I as I had, especially on a console, I still didn’t put it up. Still, this represents a good amount of time, so I’d like to have it here on my site.

Part of me will be looking back as I bring together my original writing and data collection, and I’ll try to correct matters as I go along. But any gross mistakes I’ll attribute to not having played the game for years now though I’ll check resources to fix them.

I hit a burnout phase during the editing process, so I am posting publically, whether it is ready or not.

Without further ado, My Perfect Character Guide. Enjoy!

Jasper H.B., January 2016

Written while playing the XBox 360 version, this was written without mods or console commands, and can be played without any DLC.

In The Sewers – In the two Elder Scrolls games I have played you start off as a nameless prisoner. This details some of the foundation of your character.

Leveling – Here I wrote a comparative outline of two similar characters I made for this run.

The Guide – Simple as meat and potatoes, and just as filling. These are the core details of my run.

Crossing Cyrodil – A cloaca of random details that I thought would be useful to know as one played the game.

Skills – A looser smattering of notes about skills. Much of this may be repeated elsewhere.