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          My given name is Jasper. My online handle of choice is zerohourseraphim. I take enough pride and stock in my own work to not be shy about the connection. Still, in this age, sometimes a bit of a divide is needed. As such I’ll maintain that where viable.
          This is a place for me to fully express myself, good, bad, and ugly. You will find the expressions of crossover here. I, in all my personas, enjoy writing. At one point this site was going to solely house all the works of fiction I produced, with the aim to one day script for video games. However I see too much going on in the world to not say something. My platform is not a viral one, but I feel a small effort is better than nothing.
          Rather than building a brand out of myself and then seeking to monetize it, I am hoping that my skill and insight will prove worthy of investment as I go forward. As you can see per the link above I do this via Patreon. On the one hand it may be a shortcut to getting paid to do what I enjoy. But on the other, I think it will keep me grounded as I enter ever larger ponds. It grants me the levity to write what I feel needs to be written about.
          In the event this is the first place on my site you came to, let me give you a run down of what you can find.

Open Letters – Current events, social issues, and topics concerning the world we share together. As stated, I find much to expound upon, and I like having an outlet from which to do so.

“The Legend of Moksha” – An excerpt and connected explanations on my own original work.

Marks of the Beast – One part fan fiction, one part retelling of my characters’ story from the MMORPG, FFXI. (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, Final Fantasy XI.)

Gaming Garage – In an attempt to legitimize my long held hobby, my reflections and insights into some of the games I sit down with.

Patrons’ Parlor – As I said, having Patrons allows me to do the work I want. This will run a wide berth of unique works, rough drafts, and other odd bits that I think my supports will enjoy being able to claim exclusive viewing to.

Poetry – Offerings of verse from over the years. I stopped using a rhyming scheme years ago, but I still seem to please with my works.

Primers – The following links are articles that expound upon some facet of who I am. I feel context is important in understanding a great many issues. If you want greater insight into my overall opinions, these pieces may be good starting points.

Anecdotes of Blackness

          Thanks for visiting, and I hope I can keep you entertained, informed, thoughtful, and always coming back.


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