The last few months have been really rough on me. Every effort I have made has had a greater and opposite reaction to my intended goals, leaving me further behind than when I began. I do not have the presence of mind to organize my thoughts into writing that matters and helps the outside world. I have a lot of work to do in my Inner World. Journaling and writing are solid therapy techniques that, at this point, I am choosing to use. However, I have people subscribed here and supporting me on Patreon. That income is sorely needed so I owe it to you/them to write something.

          So I’ve chosen to split the difference.

          For a time, my writing is going to be limited to all my supporters. Much of what I am going through is far from professional. On the one hand, my supporters deserve an explanation as to what has been going on. That’s just good business. On the other, every one of them is a friend and I know that they’ve got my back. I have been told many times that if I need to take a break, take it. But I know that this pivot will be supported too, at least for a time.

          Much has changed since I’ve written and posted regularly. This site has, to some, not had a particular focus. In my “prime” there was one gaming article and one social commentary piece a month. And oftentimes this would draw two separate and sometimes conflicting audiences. My social commentary would often draw eyes that, in their maturity and activism, eschew video games as mindless indulgences. And there is a subset of gamers that famously abhor anything that even casts a shadow of social consciousness. Presently, all my gaming is fueled by nostalgia, stress, and the escape from it. It is limited mostly to more Indie offerings and Final Fantasy XIV. For all of Square-Enix’s faults (looking at you President Matsuda for NFTs fishing), the crew behind FFXIV is made up of good people doing good work. As far as I am concerned, Yoshida and everyone working with him have earned every accolade proffered to them. I’m going to get the Chrono Cross release. But I’m not gambling with anything new from the company. Not Marvel’s Avengers, not Outriders. And Square-Enix is a “good” company. Unlike Activision-Blizzard or Ubisoft. The issues are so rampant that I’ve nearly sworn off games, and no longer think of myself as a gamer. Puts me in a bit of pickle for writing more game reviews, doesn’t it?

          And that is just a slice of the issues that are always rolling around in my head. I’ve got work to do.

          If you follow for my writing, please continue to do so. When writing becomes regular again, you’ll know it. I do not know what form it will take. But I hope it is worth the wait and continues to keep you coming back. In the meantime, there is plenty still on offer here. Some is likely outdated as this world is ever changing. And the formatting is on the list as readability is something that needs improvement.

          As I can ramble on ceaselessly, I will leave it here.

Happy Reading