In needing a bit of break from all the social deep diving (here is hoping that nothing happens that “inspires” me to do so) I’m hoping to write a bit about games again. I came across an old “journal entry” from when I started Final Fantasy XI, so I’m going to add that here. That said, there are a lot of changes behind the scenes that I have not taken the chance to adjust to. While it will be posted nigh immediately, there will be a lot of changes over time as I tinker with it.

          After my Final Fantasy XV review (which I need to go back and edit since much of my formatting has disappeared) I wanted to move backwards through the mainline Final Fantasy series. But I can’t talk about XIV without talking about XI, and I wasn’t putting the time forth to manage that. Hopefully some of you all can look forward to that. I have not done any game writing in a while.