I consider this my own corner of the internet. While much of what winds up being posted pertains to video games, I have further interests and concerns. Just as my game reviews have the aim to inform and perhaps entertain so to do my other articles serve a purpose. Sometimes I just need a place to vent and expound that is not the comment sections and threads of friends and acquaintances. Occasionally I want to research something and want a concrete memory of what I learned. What I write potentially cuts a wide swathe. But, to date, the content of this site is written solely by me. Thus I am just as much a burgeoning brand as a complete individual. Sometimes I look at the world outside my window rather than the one projected from a screen.

          All that said, I already completed the story based portion of Kingdom Hearts 3 and I think the review for it (spoiler free, I promise) will be my first written work in as many months. I may as well while search engine optimization favors it for a change, eh?

          To my friends, followers, and new visitors, thank you as always for your time and interest in what I do. Be it ever so humble, I am happy that my works get read.