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8th Grade

          I transfered from my Catholic school of seven years to a magnet school, which required passing an entry exam and maintaining a solid GPA. No one got in, or stayed in, that school if they lacked both natural aptitude and diligence. I found myself being maligned due to my persona once more. However, being told I am “not really Black” by those I considered fellow intellectuals hurt a little more than the John-and-Jenny-Come-Latelys that normally hit me with this schpeel.

          Has there ever been anyone you respected or admired, and then you found out some fact about them which upended your view of them? This is how I felt. I was looking forward to being in a place in which the mind was prized. But when I opened my mouth to speak or relayed my interests, I was simply reminded by my new classmates that “We’re both smart, but you are WAY off the cultural bullseye.” As in ALL situations, this wasn’t everyone. But it was enough to sour my memory. I am certain there are positive examples that I do not recall. As I said, memory is funny that way.