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          I know this has been a long read. If you have made it this far, you have my thanks. This took awhile to remember, write out, and edit at least a fair amount.
          I encourage you, whoever you are, to take the time to share your story. I find a failing of modern discourse to be that listening rarely happens. And it is difficult to do so. We are not yet used to being bombarded and cajoled from every angle. Technology is tied into social media which is always working to keep our attention just a little more. It is easy to turn off or skip past anything unpalattable to something more thrilling. But context rules in many discussions. I have provided all I think I can for now. You have listened to me. As I can I will listen to you, keeping an eye on #anecdotesof hashtags as I can, especially if the exeriences differ from my own. And as we Listen and Understand, I have the hope that Peace will not be far behind.
          One thing I have tried to share with people regarding how many forms of discrimination work is that it is not just about big stories. It is all the events between these memories that make what I identify as singular anecdotes a pervasive and overbearing sense of ill ease. All of the events that I have succeeded in writing off, but my subconscious retains as instinct. The world is better than it was. It can be better I think.

          And… that’s it. I do not have a climatic finish, I am afraid. I keep on working and living towards a better world, one in which novellas of this topic are no longer fact.

Thank you. May Safety, Peace, Long Life, and more happy reading be yours in triumphant measure.