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2nd Grade

          Myself and a friend had a birthday party together as his birthday is only two days before mine. We invited our classmates, of course. But we also invited people from our individual lives. He his family, and I my neighbors. At one point, there was a communication breakdown. Vocabulary, usage differences, and dialects overall were just different enough that understanding couldn’t be reached. For a time, I played “translator”.

          Anyone who knows me personally knows that I have had fears of my separate worlds colliding deeply ingrained. This is likely a contributing incident. For a long time I kept any given “sphere” seperate from all others. Only as I have aged I have sought integration.
          On the one hand, I felt pride at being able to bridge the gaps between my friends so they could see how alike they were. On the other, this gave me a foreign aura in all parts of my day-to-day life. It should also be noted that, since this point, I have insisted on never celebrating my birthday and in fact keep the date a secret.