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November 2017

          I had barely awoken when my girlfriend said to me that there was a nearby event. “Coffee with Cops” or something like that. I had not been awake for three minutes when this was brought up and I wanted none of it. However, I had already been dredging up stories for this article. With my negative experiences with police, law enforcement, guards, and the like fresh in my mind I considered what I would do. I am constantly saying to try to speak to “the other side” and to bridge gaps. Here was my opportunity to do exactly that.
          And I did.
          She and I got dressed and managed to make it at the very end of the event. I was immediately uncomfortable because I did my “obvious minority check” and I was the only one. The shop was small and bright and left me with no place to really skulk. In any case, The Lady, in her more socially graceful ways, spoke to the police captain first. I made my self-introduction following her. Though brief, what I learned of this captain leads me to think he will be a good person to speak to in the future. As such, I look forward to meetings in the future.

          I try to end all my dour social commentary pieces with some hope and possible solutions. In this case, I am taking my own advice. The singular police captain does not speak for all police, just as I do not speak for all civilians Black and otherwise. I am looking to enlighten myself. To humanize those I may feel opposed to, and to perhaps humanize myself to those same groups.
          Realistically it is going to take more work than I can do in my lifetime. The only problem is that rapid change is needed. Peace is a big deterrent to Death.