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          There is a local anime convention I used to make it a point to go out to. One year I gave myself the whole weekend, going to panels, checking out merchandise, hanging out with my friends. While waiting in line for an aforementioned panel, a guy walked up to me and informed me that I could be a wonderful cosplay of Kaname Tosen. It took me a moment to realize who he was talking about because I did not like Tosen. At all. His sense of Justice was highly flawed.


          I started thinking. Who is this person and what made them come up to me out of the blue and state so certainly that I should cosplay Tosen? Couldn’t be my hair, though I look good with dreadlocks. Was it the glasses? Then I thought it may have been my skin.
          I wasn’t certain, so I asked.
          He sputtered for several seconds before walking away.

          I am not one given over to cosplay. I am very much into being as precise as I can. I do not just want the look. I want the fabric to be right. There are few characters I like so much that dedicating closet space to an outfit for them would be sensible. Additionally, as hopeful as I am, I see the elitist attitudes prevailant in some cosplaying audiences.
          This unsolicited recommendation does not instill me with much confidence. Besides, I make a much more convincing Sazh Katzroy.