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          I had to swallow the generational pill and move back in with my parent at one point in time. Having a big enough space, my mother brought someone else in. When we were returning from getting his stuff, he asked me if I liked Final Fantasy. My mothers’ head fell onto the steering wheel. I had made a new friend.
          This friend was none other than Saint. If you’ve read my Final Fantasy XI fan fiction you know much of what you need to regarding him. And as there are few to no pictures of us together in real life, here is our favorite from the game.


          Oddly, for an event that means so much, there is little to say. Not only did I meet Saint, but I came to know Rai as well. It is one of the very few times in my life up until this point that I had Black friends that enjoyed the same shows, movies, games, and other media that I did. And while some headcanons differed, we all looked at media in depth. Sometimes philosophically, sometimes socially, sometimes just with meta-commentary. Talking about The Matrix was more cerebral than action. One of the reasons’ Saint loves Final Fantasy X is because he, as a father, feels for the relationship between Jecht and Tidus.

          It’s all the little things that add up positively.