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          I had some residual health issues from high school and went back to the doctor to speak with them. As I did not have a vehicle, or a drivers’ license, my land lady was kind enough to drive me there. However, her schedule did not permit her to provide a return trip. Watching what money I spent and public transportation being lacking in and around this area I decided to walk home.
          As I did, I was stopped by the police.
          This time I was back in my Matrix extra attire, so I stood out again. However, the weather was cooling, so wearing layers was not too out of the ordinary.
          The officer asked me the usual stream of questions, and had informed me that he had ‘received calls of a solisitor matching my description in the area’. After confirming my address, the officer extended a kindness and drove me back near to my address. Near, not directly, to because nosy neighbors had expressed suspicions about me already. Arriving home in a police cruiser would not help my living situation.

          When people say “…but there are good cops out there”, I cannot deny the point. This story proves it.
          Cops are people underneath the uniform and the training.
          In my experience, part of the problem is the training and while upholding laws is paramount, inciting incidents can be brought up due to civilian suspicions. A solicitor was being sought. I did not approach any home or dip even lightly onto the residential streets. My actions did not match who was being sought. So again, it was something about my look. But different from before.
          At this point, I had two interactions with the police. They ended differently, but began the same. I marked the similarities. Both areas were affluent, both times I was on foot, both had been during the day and along primary streets. My attire was drastically different, though the reason I was given for why I was questioned was nearly copied-and-pasted.

          This was a balance instance, succinctly defining “bittersweet”.