I did not hop on National Novel Writing Month with the fervor I should have. I hold this failure to my inaction, as I should.

          I have this weird occurrence in my mind. Do you know the feeling you get when someone compliments you on a job well done? I get that feeling when people cheer me on regarding a plan. One the one hand, the encouragement spurns me on like little else. But if I can’t get around to a task I also feel no stress from it. As such, I tend to work in a void. I cut out all potential distractions, drop all communications, and just sit with my keyboard and my thoughts. Some of my friends have pointed out this pattern, citing that I disappear except for three-day intervals around when I complete an article. As I failed to uphold this months’ original objectives I will be committing myself to rounding out a few articles that I did not complete last month and a few important topics that have come up in the interim.

          What, then, did I spend much of my time doing? Outside of family gatherings later in the month, a great deal of time was spent catching up on shows that I had left hanging. So great was my drive to write that I let these fall by the wayside. All of these “distractions” worked wonders in relieving stress that I wasn’t even aware that had built up. I’ll be returning to my writing with a lot more pleasure than I would have otherwise, and that is invaluable.

          A message to anyone who is creative: Do not get too down on yourself if you suddenly take a break. Short of missing a professional deadline just get back to the headspace to craft and create. I know many friends who are now parents that feel they can’t indulge as they once did, and they are right. But there is a unique opportunity in creating with your children. As long as you feel the need, creation is at your fingertips.

          As is the way of the world, I have real life tasks and more face time to put in. to attend to. I do so happily. I look forward to December with a renewed vigor.