What are you really?
You can’t be a normal girl
Born of flesh to be flesh
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust

Are you a drop of water?
Elegant in motion
Beautiful in its simplicity
Yes, but No
The vast ocean is you
For your darkness and depths hide great beauty

Are you the wind?
Bringing fresh life wherever you go
Unhindered and unchained by the hands of man
Yes, but No
A powerful tornado is you
Destructive, yet completely captivating

Is it that you really are just a girl?
Who, by whatever chance, have a goddesses’ bearing
Or perhaps it was good karma in a past life
Yes, but No
I have yet to see into your soul
But still, I know you are more than a dress and a voice

Without ascending into any kind of celestial being
And having a universal understanding
I can never find the words to describe what I feel from you
But, I can try…

And after much thought, I now know what you truly are
A meteor, a fallen star from the heavens
You came from above eons ago
It was you who obliterated the dinosaurs
You caused the dark cloud that ended them
From the first ray of light that shown through that cloud
Like an angel descending
It was you, like water in a vast desert

But just imagine
If you could rock the world of the great Saurians
Think of what you do to the human race today!