This poem is to the one I love
Whose infinite beauty resembles that
Of an angelic dove
Now and then until the end of time
I wish I could gaze upon her forever
Radiant and Divine
With a spirit of grace and her hold on me
For her I would dive into the
Deepest, Darkest Sea
It is an unseen force, a hidden power
That causes me to love her through every hour
And though I love her with all my heart
My cowardice causes fate to keep us apart
From this poem my feelings ring true
And I hope these words, with all my soul
May reach the person who
Through her life lights my world
And sometimes is all that keeps me going
And to her now my real feelings I am now showing

Her beauty unrivaled, her kindness unbridled
Yet her name unknown, my love
The one whose beauty resembles that of an angelic dove