Falling far
Falling fast
Falling forever
The Void of Darkness my domain
I faltered and feel, was kick and battered and thrown into the pit
At once I lost all sensation… all awareness of existence
And, with a splash, I returned to reality, I returned to awareness
A great sea in the midst of Darkness… it saved me, held me, gave me something for my mind to feel
It gave me a reason to live
Quickly the sea took me to shore and allowed me rest
Sunrise and sunset over and over again
By the sea was the first light I had seen
The sea would rise and encompass me
It helped heal me
As it receded I would awaken to a peaceful night under peaceful stars
I began to walk with the sea, to swim in it’s waves
The land was foreign
I found shelter with the sea
I would play in the waters, dive it’s depths, return to shore, and rest with it
I learned to hear it’s voice, to hear the words unspoken to me
I could hold the sea in my heart, and we understood each other
We were as lovers, knowing all while nothing was spoken
Twilight would come as it always did, yet the air would change
That which flung me into the dark returned, it sought me still
I fled
I ran inland and away from the sea… all that I had known since I awoke in the dark
That which would destroy me still seeks me
I wish, only once, to go back to the sea
But the question is
Would it remember me?