In the darkness before the dawn
You can feel the perfection of the world
With no need for sight, you touch absolute perfection
All creation exists as it should at your fingertips
In spite of what whispers come from the Beast of the Dark
You follow not only The Path, but your Path
And so, you are greater
She who holds her head high, eyes burning with clear fire

As you touch each object, it ignites
Into color and with vibrance it explodes
By your touch, existence begins
At your hand does life begin
By your call will the world come to life
Bound to you in whole and in part
The world is yours
And still, you are greater,
She who desires the world before her

Goddess, Luminescent Jewel
By the light of your world do others awaken
Wanting your light
Craving your warmth
The desire to be like you, with you
Stirring the Chaos and madness anew
Remember, you are greater,
She who stirs the green-eyed monster

These would-be equals seek your crown
Would take all that you infused with your own self
The hand that reaches out is the hand you claim
A foot that crosses the line, a sign of one last wrongful step
The tongue crying out in protest falling on hardened ears
Even so, you are greater,
She who strikes with righteous indignation

‘How cruel’ comes a whisper
‘Share with us your bounty’
‘From your hand to your heart you hold all’
‘Let but a few grains fall to us lowly ones’
‘I honor you, for you are greater’
‘She who hungers for all the wonders of Life’

‘You see my world and you take’
‘You feel my world and you steal’
‘You regard me a prize, but seek not I’
‘You degrade my world and leave me hollow’
‘You steal from me my fire’
‘And leave none for me’
‘I know no pity for you’
‘For in truth, I am greater’
‘I, who attract the eyes of all’

The shadows recede
Your being preserved
Your world restored
You let the long day end
And in the end, you are greater
She who rests in beauty

Let the choir cry out from the dark, singing their hymn of avarice
In the name of pride, greed, and envy
Let resound their hymn of avarice!
Of wrath, and gluttony, of lust, and of sloth
Let the bells peal, and angels beat their wings
The tempest growl and the mountainside shudder
Lay in the warmth of the flames and in the cool spray of evanescent vapor
She who embodies all of creation