Deep within your eyes, I sense a dark beauty
The Light of who you were was beauteous enough
Now a taint has added richness to your soul
You are delicate and powerful
Delicate, yet powerful
Your elegant voice sends surges through my being
Your memory causes my rarely beating heart to pulse
With Anticipation and Delight
My mind is drawn to thoughts of you always
To hear your words, to listen to your voice again
To touch your beautiful face
To hold you and feel your warmth
Blurred moments and blue eternities
Are what I long to spend with you
From the time in memories long past
I can remember holding your hand
And My Heart stop and beat insanely
The dazzle and sparkle in your eyes
The pure presence of life you exuded
As then, I want from you all that I cannot see
A lust is held to drink deep from your soul
To know you in the absolute
To share my soul with you
That the universe may be ours together
Now, and beyond the end of time
Just as it is darkest before dawn
My perpetual night always seeks your radiance
Just over the horizon
The thought of you burns brightest
In the dark depths of my heart My Love