Born under a blue sky
Held lovingly against my mother
Taught to walk at the ends of my father’s arms
Given the promise of the whole world
Told always the sky is the limit

Memories caked with paint
Blank pages covered in random splotches
Never being concerned with taste
Or staying inside the lines
Purely happy, free, and blissful
Using only my hands to manifest dreams

Stiff and dark, these blue pants
Oft scoffed and more oft loathed
Deemed simple and safe
Formed a rigid mind
Oft contained and more oft freed
Every time the pants changed

Blades in blue blood
A hardened heart
A mind still as a pool
Even stone and water
Can move with quickness and force
Even cold and still
Does the human heart express affection

Blue, representing sorrow
The pain of love unrequited
The agony of love lost
The shattering of a dream
A singular look up reminds me
That blue isn’t sadness

Over open ocean gazes the eyes of the now young man
A sky of promise
Memories painted vividly
The pain of a lifetime
Forever as the waves
Small as a grain of dust
All emotion encompassed
Inside a solitary crystal tear