It has been a busy month. Aside from all the social plans and personal tasks, I gathered enough funding to buy the parts to assemble a new computer. It was a year of odd jobs to manage it. And, it being the first gaming device I’ve had all to myself in months, I may have spent just a little more time playing video games than was wholly constructive. That, as it is said, is on me. I have taken a solid look at all I’ve done the past year. Where I was when I started, and where I am now. I consider these things to answer one simply question.

What’s next?

          Last year I just wanted to see what it felt like to write something… anything, consistently. I want to put the same level of time, energy, and passion into completing a single project. As I announced to my friends via social media, by this time next year I will have written a book. In my early twenties I got the idea for a video game story. I will instead stick to a novel. Since my last year was scattered, I will find a balance by being focused this year. I will complete a major project and see what comes of it.

          What then, will happen to this site? Simply, it will be used as a journal. I am happy to have my fiction and poetry in a place where anyone can view them. But when I listen in on the world there are scenarios that I can’t help but think on. My writing has helped me research these topics. It has also given me greater understanding in the nuance of these situations. Continue to look forward to more of the same. While it may not be as well thought out as my past years’ work, it will likely be more frequent.

          Aside from a potential face lift for my site this is what I aim to use the headlining pages for. Yes, I have an affinity for alliteration. Deal with it.

World Wide Web – Anything that is more than a quick rant about events going on will be posted here. I am making an effort to identify how interconnected many of the problems that plague us are. Or perhaps, more positively, how solutions to one problem can help abate or eliminate other problems tangentially.

Games’ Garage (formerly “Game Reviews”)– As I told a friend, “Reviews are the easiest way for the obsessed to legitimize their habits.” I have spent a good deal of my free time gaming and have drawn a lot from it. In the future, as I aim to build on these skills, I’ll put my thoughts and notations here, as cleanly as I can. This isn’t just the games, but also what I observe about them. This may come to include some talk on hardware and software as I use them.

Patrons’ Parlor – As before, those that help me via Patreon will have an inside view of my most pressing projects. There will be a teaser visible, but the rest will continue to be behind a wall.

          At present, I do not get much in the way of feedback regarding the writing I post. But if you find your way to the end of this entry, thank you for your support. I hope and I dream. But in the meantime, I write. And I am happy. If you are as happy as I am, let us continue to do our parts, reader and author alike.

          Here is to the second year, and many more to follow after that.