I should have written my story five or seven some-odd years ago when I originally had it. This has to be short because I am working on my own fictions again. But I poked my head above water for the first time today and saw Ben Carson, in his capacity as department head of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), speaking for about two minutes.

I have accepted that the President and his administration do not agree with me. I have except that they will do and say things that I just do not like. When Ben Carson bowed out of the presidential race I probably danced a jig. Literally. I’ve danced with lads in kilts and the bony lasses that love them. I can bust a jig.

I have done rather well to not react to every little thing that is espoused. I am personally annoyed at the portion of Internet culture that seizes onto every little things, whips up into a frenzy, and is too tired for the bigger trials that come along. Suffer me a momentary indulgence in that which I loathe.

Are slaves immigrants? Yes. But it is in a sense that many quadrilaterals in geometry are squares somehow. Somewhat confusing a concept to grasp onto, and even once you do in a passing, bare bones sort of way.

But in combating what I call “idiocy”, I will dole out truth and go about my way.

-If you came here “in the bottoms of slave ships”, you were likely a slave. If you came astride one, you may be an immigrant, but you peddle people as part of the slave trade.

Kuroshi, a Japanese word I recently learned, means “to work oneself to death”. Working harder, in my mind, is not necessiarily a virtue. Working for less is nice only for those who get out of paying more. Working because you and your family are forced to do so upon threat of pain, torture, and death is inhumane. Being unable to rise above your current station in life with the work you produce makes you a slave.

-Trying to evoke Martin Luther King, Jr. by saying that slaves have a dream is terrible. The first generation, doubtlessly, dreamed of being free back in Africa. After a few generations, the scope of the world was limited. The dream that former slaves had after abolition was to live lives as Equals. The dream that People of Color had during the Civil Rights Movement was to live as Equals. And depending upon who you ask, many are still trying to reach that dream.

Grace and Glory… I have to get back to my writing, and other tasks. Thank you for reading.