Part of what I want to do with the Unorthodox platform I am creating is to show off the artistic talents of those in my life. For this month, allow me to introduce Knot Your World. What began as a pair of tattoos grew into a coloring book. And now, there are a host of them, ranging from the mundane to the mythical. Every work is an original design which makes use of Celtic knotting. To call this an “intricate art” is an understatement. If you are like me, and had only seen knot work on grave markers, you will enjoy the modernity of their application. As of the turn of the New Year, they have begun work on a Steampunk themed book. This will be their 18th complete work. During the remainder of the month I will highlight some of their works I particularly enjoy on the Unorthodox Facebook page with a certainty. I will also try it here and see how smooth it goes.