“I have to admit that my sister has grown into a remarkably lovely woman. I just saw a picture of her and was very happy Missouri has relaxed its gun laws. I then chastised myself for my possessive and outdated reactionary thought.”

A friend voiced his appreciation for my using the word “reactionary”. And in response to that, I posted this.

It isn’t the thought that settled. So often one group will blame another for something they can’t control. Some may see my initial thought and think I am wanting to control my sister and who she dates. This is not so. But years in American society, and my biological leaning to aggression, jumped to the front of the line. If we do not fault people for thought, but instead for action, I think we would be better off and that much closer to a world we could all live in happily.

Why then chastise myself? Because I still have to catch that thought myself.”

Another friend came along and felt I should post this to be seen on its own.

My Consciousness and Mind are filtered through my Body. With all my available assets Knowledge, in all its forms, are my weapons of choice. There are never enough facts. There can always be greater understanding. Another viewpoint can grant better insight. Cresting the next plateau can grant enlightenment. As I said, there is a chain, at the end of which is Action.

Before condemning someone for what they express as their thoughts, do you understand why they think the way they do? An openness to more understanding teaches you as much as the other person.

No matter the motivation, does an intended action do no harm? This is always worth reflecting upon for even a few fleeting moments so I have found.

After the act, did good truly come of it? If anyone was diminished, can reconciliation be made?

Many view the world as hard and ruthless. Sadly, I can’t deny this. And I can’t blame anyone for staying on guard through it all. It is my own personal hope that people will always try to be better than the person they were before, and that their new expression can lift up many rather than themselves.

I am one man with two hands, and I will raise who I can.

“When you can’t do nothing, do what you can.”