The last several months have been enlightening, mostly upon myself and my habits. And in wanting to write for the future I am looking back on my own past.

I can remember myself in high school always having a spiral notebook with a pen, ready to go at a moments’ notice. While at school when I had down time I could be seen writing something. Many thought that it was about them or the people in the vicinity. But mostly it was just my own thinking on a philosophy, or a saying, or some event that I made a tangent out of. This was back in the days of my keeping a Xanga, Livejournal, and MySpace profile. Yes… I have a solid history of cross-posting. And while I often spoke very vaguely about what was going on, as not to out anyone without regard, it was consistent. And I think this is how I will have to order my life if blogging will be paying the bills.

As of yet I do not have what I consider to be a steady voice. I am not a game writer, or one of fiction, and certainly not a social commentator. I am a person of many facets, so I will express all of them and see how many find it worthwhile.

And while the topic of Xanga is above, I have a plan for those old writings.