I have an idea in mind for a graphic novel, but like many of my projects I never sat down and worked on them. However, in the vein of sharing some of my more near-and-dear works, this oddly versed poem is what I aimed to be the introduction to the story.

The retreat of suns’ light reveals the stars so bright
Much of mankind flees the dark, huddling in their flimsy arks
The night embraces those she knows, calls out to souls from her dark boughs
Those among the Blessed…
Awaken and rise to greet the evening twilight
Herald of a hidden world
So come, as My Sister and Brother
Stay close, as My Lover and Other
Rise all you children, and let us live as one
The Veil of the Daystar gives way to the truths in the night
Not pain, not suffering, not terror nor blight
The stars reveal their twisted truth
Seeming close to us, far flung across the universe
Each one brilliant, burning high for us to see
Is our power any less? Hardly
I join them in their revelry
Stars bright, moons’ light, fires flame, hidden name
I shine as I can, where I am
The world over, far flung though we are, I am joined by many
Those who endure the sun and wait for the night
Now we rise and burn bright
On one planet, huddled in the dark
We dance our dances far apart
Our light reflecting the lights of heaven
Our power growing, us ever knowing that even in the harshest days we have this time
We are not alone
Throughout the night let the rest of existence regard us as we regard the stars
Blatant, beautiful, brilliant
And as the sun rises we walk fully into it entering into a new day
Upon which the power of light has no sway