Thank you is the first thing I want to say to everyone. Support has come in many forms, and I appreciate them all. Since I have had a full week between now and my last big push I have ample perspective, but still retain fire. While I am not going to stop putting my works in front of everyone, I do aim to be less pushy about getting money for it. I believe in what I am doing. I figure, if you feel the same, asking will be enough and I don’t have to twist arms to get there.
I have had a few people who have shared my Patreon page in their own News Feeds and that is always supportive. Facebook is my core network, so any expansion beyond that is welcome. Plus I know that I am not the most compelling as far as algorithms go so I could use all the help I can get. Outside of Patreon, here are a few other sites that I chart metrics on, and would only cost some time for you to support.

1. WordPress (zerohourseraphim)– Outside of just visiting the site and reading, feel free to hop on Google and search for my site. No matter how you get there, give me feedback. I am watching, and the more information I have the better I can focus what people want.

2. Youtube/Google+ (zerohourseraphim) – This site is new to me from a creator standpoint, and more will be added as my understanding grows. While I will watch carefully, I would like help in policing the site. I know I will be opening myself up to the comment community of the internet. I value discussion, but I do not suffer internet trolls at all.

3. LinkedIn – For those that are working on this site genuinely, feel free to add me on there. Little wrong with expanded networks.

4. zerohourseraphim (FB) – A page I generated to gain more visibility on FB. If I have not already said so elsewhere, I’ll soon be routing my cross-posting through this page so it will be THE way to keep an out on the pipeline if you aren’t following me somewhere else.

5. Unorthodox (FB) – While the “company” is just me and has little use now, throwing a like there will let me hit a few markers to make it more detailed.

6. Twitter (0hourseraphim) – Another site I rarely use, but it is also there.

     You can count all of the above as “good news”. As I’ve said, the past week has given me much needed perspective. Now I am back to hawking my words, since they are the wares I’ve got. “If I could donate, I would” has been a phrase I have heard frequently. If you’ve gone through all the ways above and are still willing and able to donate to me, that’s wonderful! In what I am doing is looking to the power of many. Fifty people donating a dollar is of greater import to me than no one donating at all because they can’t hit some reward tier that I’ve set. Do remember, if you’ve read the “My Patreon” article, that “$1=1000 Youtube views”. If I had a way to get one person to pay on my bills I would play to that. Instead I am asking everyone to help me turn my hobby into a trade. If you’re a public media fan, get ready for a bit of deja vu.
What’s your vice? We all have them. Little things that we have in our daily lives to cope. Think of the support that I am asking for in these terms and it may help you come to grips about how to help me.
Do you like candy? Back in my day (written unironically) a bag or a bar that would sate a child would be worth fifty cents. These days it may be more like seventy-five cents. How many times a month do you feed this indulgence? Never? Once a month on a troublesome day? Twice as a treat for sticking to your diet? Even at the price of my memory, two rounds of counter candy would be a noticeable boon for me. A dollar. Seems silly? It all adds up, I assure you.
In the case of vices, I am no different than anyone reading this. I call myself a gamer and it is what has fueled my writing. My vice? When I can I drop about fifteen dollars a month on an MMO subscription. Roughly averages to fifty cents a day. Perhaps a lot of candy bars, but in my mind this is a “small price”. I pay that just so that I can sit down and pick up a game when I have nothing else to do. I will spend less time here as I write more, but I still play to the vice.
“You’re childish,” I imagine some quip. “Sweets and games.” Very well. Are you someone who enjoys a bit of wine? Or perhaps fine scotch, aged for a few years? Sure, the prices for these can vary wildly, but the next tier that I have is twenty dollars. Speaking to this, how often do you need a new bottle? Do you drink out of particular misery? Out of heightened joy? Just because? If you are like the people I know, it is all of these. What you would pay for a solid spirit is a boon that would bolster my spirit.
Maybe your vice is more less indulgent and more practical. Perhaps you just like a solid meal, or enjoy taking out a “special someone”. My twenty-five to thirty-five range can be compared to this. Pretty much any sit down restaurant can reach this bill easily, and hopefully you are tipping your servers respectably.
Anything past this, even once a month, is major for me. The only thing I might spend fifty dollars or more on a month would be a new game or an entire novel collection. I can’t even think of anything healthy that would be in this range, and most of those aren’t even legal. People do indulge, I admit to that. Outside of all the potential legal costs that would come up should one get pulled in, this amount would make a major difference for me. I managed to end last month with one Patron, and they gave me no upper limit. As much as I can write I’ll get in return. And while this outcome is wild, more Patrons would make it better.
I look forward to any additional support as I proceed forward.