My Patreon is live! Go there and see what I have going so far, and feel free to become one of my first patrons if you are so inclined with all my thanks going forward. I will make myself available in the coming days to answer any questions!

For those that have no idea what the above is about I’ll explain as succinctly as possible. Patreon is a crowd funding service that facilitates creators, both individuals like me and larger groups, to get money monthly by those people that enjoy their content. In that vein, I am asking You to support me as I pick up my digital pen again. I feel that this is a bit cheeky because I feel as though I am taking a shortcut to reach the end that I desire. I figure that if people would be willing to give, it would not hurt to ask. And while I do not have a public library as vast as some other creators this site is one that shows what I have tried to do for my own enjoyment. There is also a deviantArt for zerohourseraphim which has poetry that goes back for years.

When you go to my Patreon site there will be some blurbs that I’ve written detailing my aims and what I’d like to do. There is also a short list of goals that I have. The goals I have set up will be way points to better provide content for everyone. I have sat down and done a little bit of math, and here is my conservative goal for patrons starting out. I would like to get one hundred people to pledge ten to fifteen dollars monthly. Patreon has its fees to keep business going, but a thousand dollars monthly will offer me a solid bit of freedom as many can imagine.

Speaking personally, I have enjoyed writing for a long time. Growing into adulthood I had not seen a viable way to write for a living. Seeing the rise of YouTube and those content creators, and knowing the ones I watch, I held doubts that what I had to say was of any importance. But I am going to take the chance. I have a much larger end game than what I am presenting. For now, starting out, I’d like to ask for your support in a way I rarely do. If you think I can add something to the conversation of our current world, then I humbly entreat you to help me keep going to deliver my insight.

I have done a mock run of pledging on my site and found the process to be rather simple. That said I did not complete it so there may be a pitfall I didn’t hit. The way Patreon works is as such:

      1. You pledge whatever amount you see fit.
      2. During the month, I will produce a “paid post”, which makes me eligible to receive money. At first I plan two posts a month. If this becomes very viable I can dedicate myself in full and produce content weekly if not even more regularly.
      3. At the beginning of the next month, your payment method will be charged. There is a caveat which will be explained below. If I have failed to make a paid post at all, you shouldn’t be charged.
      4. I go forward with money in my wallet, food in my stomach, and a spring in my step to create more posts for you all to read and watch.

Below the aforementioned goals in a lower column, you’ll also see a list of Rewards I offer for donations of differing magnitudes. Anyone who is familiar with public television and radio will remember similar incentives. I spoke of a caveat and this is it: I am presently set up to be paid for every paid post I make. You have the ability to set a cap on how many times a month you are charged, and until I just go to a straight monthly pledge I strongly recommend you do so. For example, if you pledge a dollar per post with no cap and I make fifteen paid posts in that month you’ll be charged fifteen dollars. This can be a carrot for me to write more meaty material if I know there is money for it. In the event of any problems I do have the means to confer refunds, and I will do so. But, about the rewards…

Pledge of $1 – Patron-Only Feed

Just a dollar will give you access to this medium where I will detail any plans I may have regarding content creation. This may seem like a small amount, but allow me to share something with you. In my research for this I went to Patreon page of a Youtuber I enjoy watching. He had a statistic listed there. More or less it said ‘…a dollar donated here equals 1,000 views on YouTube’. While I am not one to fact check in my personal life, this is someone who is detail oriented that I have watched for years. And that is no small tally. How long does it take you to reach a thousand viewings on YouTube? How difficult is that content to produce do you think?

For every one dollar I receive from any of you, it would literally have the weight of a thousand. That fact alone is worth a hearty thank you of recognition.

Pledge of $10

As stated above, this is the low end of my goal. I do not have a specific reward planned at this time for this stage. If you’ve had to sit through a public radio fund drive, you’ve heard them give examples of how much donations equate to, and what they can do with it. What some would spend on a round of fancy coffees I would use towards writing something of worth.

Pledge of $15 – Legacy

This is detailed a bit on my Patreon site, but I aim to keep a list of the everyone who supports me. In the event I hit upon a few minutes of fame and have wealth to share, I will. Also, as I hit personal milestones, the nature of the Legacies will change. If I come back and you’re already a patron you’ll be added to what I can only imagine will be the “Original Legacy” list. Going on a pipe dream, let’s say I have a panel at SDCC and am comped a room and two tickets. I’d open it up to my Legacies to win that spot. In addition, I plan to “scale up” rewards as I get more people signed on. If you are on the Legacy list you’ll be eligible for rewards that were otherwise above your pledged tier.

Pledge of $20 – Digital Date (limit 50)

This may not be as intimate as I am alleging. At this level you’ll be offered a space in a Hangout and/or Skype conference in which I’ll talk to people, field questions, and try to get to know the people who support me. As indicated, I will put a limit of 50 people at a time for this at least until I get a hang of how to manage it.

Pledge of $25 – Small Writing (limit 15)

A poem, haiku, or other brief missive on a topic of your choosing. And I know how silly it is. A hardback collectors’ edition book would be cheaper than this. However, I am producing all my content for now, and I have to be mindful of the time/payout ratios as cruel a mindset that may sound like. However, I am thinking of handwriting these to mail them, and sign them. Perhaps compile them into a book at some point and to sign both the original works and the book. If I every gain clout they could be valuable themselves.

Pledge of $35 – Larger writing (limit 3)

This could be weighty subject matter and I may want the license to use it to spin off paid content later on.

Pledge of $50 – “The Legend of Moksha” (limit 10)

I will say, originally I planned for the pledge rewards to be per month rather than per pledge, so a majority of the rewards were split in half. This was going to be shared for those who aimed to give $100 per month but starting out I have scaled it back. Why is this so worth it to me? This is my nearest and dearest work, the opening excerpt of which you can actually find in a link above. The theft of this would crush me but if people put up the money for it I would work on it and share the fruits. I figure it would be worth it to a superfan to read along as I hammer out my epic. While I had wanted to make the rewards like a pyramid this is one work that I could easily share with many, rather than dedicated and focused works for individuals. But seeing people who believe in me so strongly would spurn me on to do much.

For now, I think that is everything. I am learning all of this and working with you as it comes together. I thank you for giving me the opportunity and I aim to turn it around to really make something of the faith placed in me. There may be a video detailing the same matters shortly, but otherwise I will inundate my time line with reposting this to get the traffic I need.

Truly, thank you for your support, monetary and emotional.