My “resolution” was to produce content I could post this year. I set Sunday up as my posting day. This Sunday rolled around and I didn’t have anything I felt confident enough to post. So I scrambled. I tried writing what I felt, compared to something well thought out, and it would up being personal introspective. Nothing wrong with that, but it was not a sentiment I wished to express at the present time. Plus, I felt good about writing something. On the one hand, I wrote, but on the other I did not and would not post it. I tried to make up a rant video, but couldn’t upload it. It’s now Tuesday and bupkis.

I watched a video from the HBO program LastWeek Tonight on the topic of resolutions. In it, John Oliver jabbed that they are not about sticking to set goals, but “managing disappointment” when you miss the mark. So make the goals as lofty as possible and do not feel bad when you can’t attain them. It is one of the many satirical programs I enjoy.

So rather being than being crushed by the missed mark I am figuring out where all my writing fits. Yes, some will be personal and I have a place to put that now. I’ll clean up my own Youtube channel for my videos. And I will shore up other breaks to keep things together as I move ahead.

I will also be easier on myself. I am serious in regards to my writing, but I should still just have fun with it.