Monarchy, democracy, tribe, or caste
The strongest legacies for generations last
The paths cut led from those before
As it shall be forevermore

What does it take to see your progeny through?
From your heart to your hands, they rely on you
Instead of fighting with aims to rule
Inside oneself should they hold the duel

The power of life in all abounds
But to the mortal coil we serve our rounds
When duties and tasks do try the nerves
They are still done with pride because
The Good King Serves

A time will come when Heaven smiles above
When one steps into the Game of Love
Happily Ever After or left on the floor
The heart remains, a brittle door
True in spirit and full of cheer
Determined strides in the face of tears
Rapture found on bended knees
Or simple as a “Marry Me?”
A house acquired, a home attained
But still the daily tasks remain
And in earnest they give their all
In works of love they rise or fall

And from the scale of one home owned
To those that sit upon a throne
From those that stave off bloodlusts’ refrain
And those that watch more verdant domains
Every life a vital part
Once stabbed they bleed just like the heart
So when decreed from on high
Listen to those that just scrape by
They will know what seeps through the cracks
Wise counsel, especially if you stand on their backs
The best of works no goodness shows
But in their hearts the subjects know
Let them silent praises sing
Hymns of thanks to echo and ring

If never a tough life you are to know
Hold all as equals, as above, the same below
Whether you rule the land or serve hors d’oeuvres
Treat all with honor because
The Good King Serves