Wildskeeper Reives are an instanced event in which a large number of people are able to join in to take down regional leaders, known as Naakuals. To date I have not seen an upper limit to the number of participants, and inclusion of more than 100 people has not been uncommon in some instances. Events of this scale are added now and again to Final Fantasy XI, and to me they are always welcome. In my time playing XI progress can get somewhat competitive. When an needed item comes from an enemy that only appears once every 15-20 minutes, or scarcity is imposed things can become heated. But at times where everyone can join in with relative ease it instills a greater sense of community. In a game which, depending upon who you ask, has waning membership this is an important addition.

The Good: Anyone can join at anytime, there are individual prize pools, and the content is challenging.

The Bad: At one point it was the buy in price, which was dependent upon how much work you put into related content. Recently, that price was made even for just about everyone. Currently, it is only getting the people to run in and go.

This has been a short one, but there isn’t much to say. It’s simply executed and very pleasing. Recently there are bonuses for completing all of these Reives, which makes it all the more lucrative for everyone to join in. I have often knocked Square Enix for the decisions they have made in the past, but this is a very solid move.