Artifact Armor is a series of armor specific to each Job. Originally earned from levels 50-60, anyone who sees you wearing it knows that you’ve committed yourself to that Job, especially if it is your first one. It’s one of the badges of honor that resounds to this day. Recently we got the ability to to have these iconic armors reforged to match the current level of content. I have had my aesthetic reasons for disliking the armors most rampantly available. I tend to enjoy seeing what new looks can be created, but this plays to a point of nostalgia. The Magus Armor, which is designed for Blue Mages, has a lot of memories in it for me, and I would happily wear it once again. The Empyrean class, Mavi Attire Set, took an aesthetically horrid turn, so I’m personally pleased in the safe approach.


The Good: The means to get items to improve the armor has been improved. Even though the game moves at a much swifter pace, this means that a new player who goes through the game will be able to get gear that will hold them over for a long while and then improve the same pieces to be viable in end game content. Newer players should probably be happy about this, and older players get a nostalgic pang as they lace up and armor up in their old duds. Plus, as this is a new system, older players will be going through the means to get them and can take new players on for the ride.


The Bad: The content to most swiftly get these items is still considered End Game. Some players can be rather particular about who they let into their groups. Some recently added events have shown glaring oversights to characters’ in game abilities. Knowing how to run a Job is paramount, but all the knowledge in the world helps little when an attack can’t connect with a mob.


Overall, this keeps with a mainstay of XI I like. Some jobs have “definitive equipment”. But in lieu of that, there are often several paths offered to get the same tier of equipment. This offers another road to be powerful enough to handle the most vicious of instances in the game. I actively support anything that raises the bar and levels the playing field.