Trust is a new type of magic that, according to the in game lore, allows us to summon the alter ego of another person to fight with us. Through this a person running around on their own is able to summon up to three Non-Player Characters (NPCs) to fight with them. Part of the fun of this is that these are characters that have ties to players’ quests in the game, and they speak to the deeds you’ve shared. This makes for a unique unlocking experience for everyone, and a trip down memory lane to boot. For instance, my first Trustee (term I’m coining for those summoned this way) was a character named Naji. He is a native of Bastok, my home nation. I’ve performed many services that went through Naji, which he recalled. He also spoke to my time in Aht Urhgan which he was drawn into at one point. Saint, having recently done a quest for Warriors, was happy to see that mentioned while it was omitted with me. While only six Trustees have been introduced so far (and many don’t know who they are) the system has been most welcome to me.

The Good: You can call in an NPC to fill in a gap in your Job or play style. If you’re a Warrior or Samurai you eschew magic in favor of physical attack power. This also mean limit, but probably no, healing. One of the Trustees is a White Mage, who specializes in healing. For the mages who have all the defense of a wet paper back in a sand storm, you can call out the Trustees who specialize in distraction and defensive measures, as well as some front line damage dealers. For those times when you are running around on your own (either by choice or necessity) being able to have back up on hand is welcome, even for someone who runs solo as much as I do and have in the past. It has proven helpful already in Reives (which I’ll detail later). Myself and a linkshell (in game group) mate were stuck somewhere. We broke party, called our Trustees, and two became eight. We managed to clear the Reive as we were with the help of a nearby Paladin. Even at this time last week that was a nigh impossibility.

The Bad: I have seen only one detracting opinion of this system from an older XI player who is no longer in the game. And to a degree I can understand. This is an MMO, populated with people from all around the world. ‘Why would I want to just run around with soulless NPCs when there are all these people to get involved with?’ one might say. I agree wholeheartedly. Part of the experience of this game is meeting new people and developing bonds of trust through shared game play The problem is that it requires people to stop what they’re doing to do so. Personally, I like to think myself and exception and that I do stop to help others. If you’ve read “Transformations” you may remember an experience where I was left on my own when even one maximum level individual would have made my task a joke. This didn’t happen. This system would have made it remotely possible to fight my way through on my own. The times where I had to fight one enemy could have been managed without calling anyone else. The best content in the game is barred from Trustee access so you still need people, but people can get their on their own time.

Overall, I love Trust and the potential it brings. I am still aiming to bring friends into the game and this will be wonderful for them to do things in their own time frame.