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 I watched the reveal of the Xbox One live through my own 360. When it comes to consoles I am not particularly all that picky. Will this system play the games I want? What exclusive titles can I play, and which ones will I miss out on? What other features will this console possess? The XBox One ceremony answered the last question for me several times over.

I was fascinated by the array of features. I’ve recently began using my XBox 360 as an all-in-one device. Gaming, using the internet for social media, reading articles, and an occasional YouTube video have been well within the breadth of my 360s capacity. Similar models have integrated Kinect rather well. To their credit Microsoft is streamlining and expanding upon their technology. The capability of having the One be something of a “hub device” that allows people to seamless switch feeds hands free is great. The fact that it is becoming more of a compilation device is, I feel, a unique step. The inter-connectivity with live media (sports games) with more personal endeavors (real time fantasy sports teams or Skype) is a wonderful innovation. One of my more recent issues with using the 360 is I had to pick what one thing I wished to do at a time amidst all the useful feats my console can perform.

Microsoft has introduced a great multimedia platform. But next generation game console? I’m not so certain. They did show videos from Call of Duty: Ghosts and a few EA Sports titles. I found the attention to detail and views on Modern Warfare vs. Ghosts models to show me how the graphics were being improved upon. However, despite claims (namely on CoD: Ghosts) these titles are unlikely to be limited to just the XBox One. Since the footage was per-rendered and not in game, there was no way to particularly say if that was stock footage or how it would have looked on the Xbox One. Even the feature I liked the most, Snap (where you can have one task going and bring up another), wasn’t used in conjunction with an actual game. Maybe I’m sitting down to a simple co-op game and I want to Skype my friend. Is that even possible? Does it work with games or only with non-game media? This was woefully skipped over.

Two out of my three questions were left sorely untouched by their presentation. I do not expect there to be much, if any, backwards compatibility So I have to keep my discs for those I’ve bought… but what about digitally? Can I still play those? Will I be able to access those things I’ve bought on my profile? Having gone console to console I think I will, but I don’t know. As for exclusive titles? Some were alluded to, but there were no details given. I’m not into sports games. I’m not a fan of first person shooters. These are both games I can find on competing systems. Might there be some other grabbing feature I have missed out on? One of the biggest points of new consoles is novelty. What does it do better than the predecessors? As of now, the XBox One won’t have me running out to grab it just because it has touched down.