This is an old entry from another site. As a short sentiment, it is best suited in its own post.

I never asked my father about women. How to speak with them, what to say, and what not to say… we just never had those father/son talks. Fortunately I had a keen mind. At times when I saw my mother having a bad day, even at my youngest, I did what all children did. I’d run up to her, give her a great big hug, and say something like “You’re pretty, but you’re prettier when you smile.” She could see what I was trying to do, and smiled in appreciation.

I continued such behavior through my adolescence. If I thought a girl was beautiful, I’d say so. I’d also start off a conversation with ‘Hey there, Beautiful’ if I noticed they were particularly down. Worked on my mom didn’t it? However, I was usually turned away with a colder response than what drew me to them.

I sat and thought and figured it out.

I came to use ‘Beautiful’ as a deterrent to negative feelings. But for anyone who could piece it together, they then knew they were outwardly sad. So it became a fairly standard greeting. Soon they’d get in a bad mood, I’d walk up and they’d perk up, comfortable that all was well and that I was “Just being Jasper”. So they opened up. Tensions relieved. And there was much rejoicing.

As I’ve gotten older I’m one of many men. In some cases just me being around is enough to help people feel better. For others I have to remain far on the outside because my sentiment of constant encouragement is potentially perceived as making a pass at someone. Boyfriends and husbands rarely get behind that, and those who’ve been hurt too much tune me out entirely.

I have something to say to that latter group: If ever… EVER we talk, and I greet you with “Hey there, Beautiful” it’s because I love you, I care for you, and while you may not have heard it enough, remember that at least one person out in this world cares enough to notice you inside and out. I’ve said it a lot because I know a great many beautiful people. I have never and will never say it insincerely. I’m fortunate enough to know many strong souls. I hate watching such light restrained.